USA Truck Brokers is a trusted leader in load transportation and logistics. We are proud to serve our clients across North America including Canada and Mexico. The Company is built on the philosophy that clients deserve dependable service and open communication to surpass their needs and expectations. In addition, USA Truck Brokers provides this superior level of service at a highly-competitive value. Outstanding service is a right that every client receives when working with USA Truck Brokers.


While the process to load, transport and deliver a load of any size may seem complicated, USA Truck Brokers simplifies the system to keep the client connected, the carrier responsible and the end delivery arrive safely and securely. First, we qualify and continuously verify our carriers, their insurance, their authority and track record. Next, we secure the right equipment based on the needs the client communicates. We then communicate directly with the driver, our client and dispatch on the progress of the overall journey. Finally, we confirm the safe and accurate delivery of the load and follow-up with each client to make sure the highest level of satisfaction has been achieved.
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USA Truck Brokers started in 2000 with the knowledge that many client transportation needs were not being met. Thus, we always deliver top-quality products in a safe, efficient manner through dependable carriers at a reasonable cost. Based on over 25 years of transportation experience, the Company has dramatically grown over the past decade and has successfully served over 2,500 clients with an availability of countless vans and reefers. With three offices located in South Florida and New York, USA Truck Brokers provides 24-hour service availability across the United States and throughout Canada and Mexico. We are proud to have excellent credit ratings which stands as the continued trust that our clients have in our business.

We invite you to contact us at your convenience to learn more about our Company, services and our capabilities to surpass your expectations. Please call 305-819-3000 or email us at and we will be happy to assist you with no obligation.
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