Full Truck Load: How does the full truck load service work?

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If you are a small-medium business with products looking for the best way to transport your merchandise to different states inside or outside the US, keep reading to find out why Full Truck Load transportation may be the option that best suits your business.

What is FTL or Full Truck Load?

Full Truck Load transportation utilizes an entire truck trailer exclusively for your cargo. It is usually used to carry out shipments in which it is necessary to occupy the whole space of the truck or at least a large percentage of it, and also when you need an expedited load or to deliver in the shortest possible time. With the FTL cargo transport modality, your cargo is transported individually. You have exclusivity of the truck, and your goods are not combined with other shipments. 

How much do FTL (Full Truck Loads) cost?

Full Truck Load transportation costs can vary widely based on some factors, including:

  • Distance.
  • The weight.
  • The type of load.
  • The geographic location.
  • The season of the year.
  • Market demand and supply.
  • The agreements and contracts between carriers and customers.

FTL freight rates usually increase during produce seasons, such as summer or holidays. Additionally, when the merchandise has special conditions, a high weight, where it is delivered is not very crowded, crosses national borders, or requires specific permits such as hazardous materials, liquids, delicate materials, alcoholic beverages, thermosensitive materials, or delivery appointments. In those cases, the rates also suffer an increase.

Number of pallets you can carry in a Full Truck Load

Usually, conventional trucks can load around 28 American GMA pallets.

Advantages of FTL cargo transportation for companies that want to distribute their products

The first thing you must be clear about before choosing Full Truck Load cargo transportation is your specific needs as a company. Below you will find some of the benefits and advantages of the FTL-Full Truck Load mode of transport:

  • Accurate transportation: FTL freight transportation allows companies to ship loads exclusively without your shipment sharing space with other goods, maximizing cargo capacity and therefore reducing the need to consolidate multiple loads into a single shipment.
  • Save time in transit: with FTL cargo transportation, companies can have a specific delivery time because they have a truck dedicated exclusively to their cargo. In other words, making intermediate stops to pick up or unload other products is unnecessary, which minimizes possible delays and waiting times. That is why the Full Truck Load mode of transport is also ideal when working with urgent deliveries.
  • Less risk of damage: by occupying the entire space of the truck only with cargo that you own, you will be able to have greater control over how the merchandise is secured at the time of loading, which reduces the risk of damage during the journey since your cargo will not be mixed with other products and will not be exposed to constant handling that could cause damage. You can have greater control to secure your merchandise and predict how it should reach the receiver or final destination.
  • Flexibility in the schedule: by having a full truck, you will have greater flexibility in scheduling your shipments. You can agree on collection and delivery times that fit your business’s needs, which helps you optimize logistics chain processes.
  • Less paperwork: FTL – Full Truck Load transport implies a simplification of processes and coordination of paperwork and procedures since it is a single process without intermediaries.

Why is it essential to work with Full Truck Load experts?

With technological advances, there are more and more tools for load control. However, you will always have many more advantages if you work with experienced professionals to solve your logistics and transportation problems since they have full knowledge of the possible obstacles that can arise during the road trip, organization of loads in a personalized way, and respect your time and budget, a team of experts dedicated to ensuring that all your transport logistics are carried out in the best possible way.

In summary,

By choosing to work under the FTL – Full Truck Load mode of transport, you are choosing flexibility and savings based on the growth of your business. Remember that having expert professionals in logistics and transportation will ensure that each of your company’s processes is carried out most efficiently.

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